June 30, 2008


Not sure if it was just a lot of chaturanga's, or maybe yoga in general, but right now I am tight in my middle back (back of heart-space) and chest. Just feels like a strain....

I had two serious power/hot classes (Sunday morning and this morning) as well as taught two classes today (the second of which I ended up taking, since there were only two students)

Let's see how we feel in the morning, but I suspect tomorrow will be either a day off, or a good day to get in a gentle class.

The teaching went well - I had 15 students in the gentle class - and tested out my first "gentle vinyasa" sequence - a modified sun salutation on the knees, to get the students moving and flowing even in a gentle class. Seemed to go pretty well.

Tonight's class was small (2 students) bit they were both fairly advanced, so I got in some nice 1 on 1 work, with some strong postures and chances to assist.

Off to bed......

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