June 15, 2008

Saying Goodbye

Today is the last day of Yoga Teacher Training.

I won't be certified for a few months; I have a national workshop to complete in October, as well as book reviews to write and some student teacher to document. But today is the last time we 30 trainees put down our mats for practice, the last time we sit in a sharing circle, the last time we drop down onto the studio floor for dinner and rejuvenation.

It is a joyful time - who could imagine that this day would come, a year ago when I wrote a check to hold my slot in the class (I was the very first person to sign up). Who could imagine that this day would come, that Friday night in January; meeting my fellow trainees for the first time, looking over the book, the 5 weeks of training, workshops, homework, assigned reading, student teaching all looming large in front of us. I felt fear that night - teach a class? Me? Where will I find a place to teach 5 free classes? Get paid for teaching yoga? Me? It all seemed so overwhelming and unlikely.

And yet, here we are. I'm planning to teach my first class at WHY on Monday - a gentle class subbing for one of the regular teachers. I'm also traveling to Farmington to take a class with a woman for whom I will be subbing throughout the summer. Sooner than I can ever imagine; I am becoming a yoga teacher.

So....one last time into the breech. Into an extended Barbara class, filled with ab work and sweat, demanding that I change clothes afterwards. She promised inversions, so I'll be upside down. One last sharing circle. One last meal with my fellow trainees (tonight, I am ordering something from Alchemy, to treat myself). And one last joyful celebration, as we are given our final feathers (I'm predicting an eagle feather, white with a black tip, just a hunch), and dance in the studio like madmen and madwomen.

This is my yoga teacher training class: my friends, my teachers, my peers, my family. It has been an incredible six months. And as excited as I am to be finishing up this training, to begin to teach, to have a little more space in my life, I am gonna miss these weekends so much. I am gonna miss these spirits.

I will see them around the studio, I will run into them at Whole Foods, I will trade emails. But I will not be here again...

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Terrence said...

At the risk of sounding like freakin' David Carridine, Life is like a river, it flows. Moving on's what it's all about. As Dylan wrote, he not busy being born is busy dying. We're about to experience a major change, too. Moving on, leaving... Scary as hell. But not a bad thing. You'll do fine.