June 15, 2008

Sitting on Jude

Friday night, during practice, one of my favorite teachers, who has been assisting the teacher training, came up to me during a prone posture, and sat on me. Now, it's not uncommon for a teacher to make close contact with a student doing an assist - there are assists that involve using the body, the feet, and getting up close and personal - but this was during abs; and she was just messing around - sort of like her breaking into dance during a peppy tune on her class music disk. I was flustered, are you sitting on me? Fortunately, she is waifish and my abdomen is pretty rugged, and it was funny as heck as well as flattering. I mean, how often does one get sat on in life? I can only think of a few instances - dogs, children, an occasional lover.

Yesterday, in supta-bodhakanasa, there she was again. "Sitting on Jude is becoming one of my favorite things" she said, as she looked into my eyes laughing mischievously.

I'm a person who has a certain personal space. I do not seek out touch or body work, I am in and among the masses but retain my independence. I let others in only as closely as I feel comfortable and let them. So to have someone sit on me, to completely tear down the de facto walls, well, pretty powerful and scary, but nice.

Not sure this would fly in a regular class, but in the teacher training, we've become like a litter of puppies, tumbling together, making contact. We curl up into little circles to eat our meals, people nap unapologetically during breaks, we give and receive massages and informal body work, the day is filled with little touches, squeezes, connections.

Getting sat on during yoga practice is pretty great.

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