June 05, 2008

Spread the Word

This one comes in from my dear friend Jane Bolduc:

How do I love thee, MVYradio? Let me count the ways... Well, for starters, MVY radio is featuring yet ANOTHER of my songs, my FIFTH offering on this stellar internet radio station! Never Too Far has been added to the rotation on mvyradio.com's Local MusiCafe, the internet listening room at WMVY radio.

MVYradio is a 23-year heritage Adult Alternative station, known for its groundbreaking efforts with artists like Dave Matthews, Susan Tedeschi, David Gray and Joss Stone, and has been consistently ranked within the top 15 most streamed internet radio stations in the world. In 2005, there were more than 400,000 downloads from WMVY's Local MusiCafe.

Click on this link, scroll down to SINGLE TRACKS, select ROCK from the "Prioritize Tracks By" drop-down menu, and find the listing for my name/song to listen to/download my song, Never Too Far.

This recording of Never Too Far was produced by my beloved friend and colleague Tim Gales, and features my pals Jaysen Hawks on drums, Norm Sancho on bass, Norm's talented and lovely wife Robin Rader on saxophone, songwriter extraordinaire Matthew Lee on keyboards, Anthony Mazza on electric guitars, and the melifluous tones of Heidi Allyce and Tim Gales on background vocals. Enjoy...

Oh & stay tuned for news on my LIVE CD! We're putting the final touches on the tracks (mixed/co-produced by Thomas Gallagher) from the Winery Awards Gig I played with my oh-so-phenomenal band, The Danglers (Tim Godwin, Lou Castro & Jaysen Hawks), back in September! We're working on the graphics for the CD (graphic design by Lilia Arbona, with original artwork by Paul Johnson), and hope to have it available for you (CDbaby.com and iTunes) by mid-July. I'm so excited for you to hear it!

Want more Jane? Check out her website, here.

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