June 24, 2008

Suddenly Swamped

Somehow between Sunday evening and now, I got buried in work. One of my clients has been sending a steady stream of site data to analyze; I had one site pending but mostly finished as I left the office on Friday. And now I have maybe 7 or 8 sites queued up. At least a few of these are going to take a few hours each - either extended monitoring periods, full data sets with environmental monitoring, or new technology power analyzer data, which takes longer.

And oh, by the way, I have some site reporting to do from my recent visit to a local hospital. And my always patient San Diego client has some spreadsheet updates overdue, and I need to get up to speed on Dreamweaver (recently purchased and installed) so I can take over their website maintenance and updates......

So if I had any concerns about June billing, those can be allayed; things will be fine, assuming I can get all these reports done and some time spent on other things.

And oh, by the way, I am teaching two yoga classes tomorrow, one Thursday, and one Friday. I'm subbing a gentle class at noon (expected) and was slated to assist the final Intro series class tomorrow night. But the instructor got called out of town for a family emergency - leaving the studio to scramble to cover his classes. So guess who is teaching the final intro series.

Thankfully, I have been left with some pretty clear directions for the final class - lots of restorative / supported postures. I'm planning supported forward fold, supported bound angle (which pretty much uses every yoga toy on the shelf), and feet up the wall. One of my fellow teacher trainees is coming in to assist; she is an angel and I am excited to work with her.

There is that old chinese curse: may you live in interesting times. I think I'm living the yoga equivalent: may you teach 5 classes in your second week out of teacher training.

Thank goodness for Sean Corne. Cause she broke me and I healed stronger, and I'm gonna need it this week!

On a second front, NYKKI KICKED MY ASS TONIGHT. As part of covering the missed classes she ended up with a jam packed studio of combined power and hot classes, and damn if she did not lead one of the strongest and deepest practices I have ever had with her. Then she had to go right back in there and teach a gentle / intro class - - with a few of my fellow teacher trainees to help out. She's a freaking yoga warrior. We all are, I guess.

Off to bed; I'm gonna need every bit of energy I can muster in the next few days. And lots of sleep!

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