June 09, 2008

What Kind of Yogi Are You?

I'm a Balanced Yogi!

A Balanced Yogi

You love your friends unconditionally and accept them for who they are no
matter what their yoga style preference, religious beliefs, or spending habits.
You focus on the good in people and would never try to change them. Almost
everyone feels comfortable in your presence. You live your yoga. You are an
inspiration to yoga students everywhere!

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1 comment:

kerri said...

This was mine:

A Hippie Yogi
When you're not doing yoga or marching in protests, you divide your time between
hugging trees and flashing peace signs at people you don't know. You truly
care about the world around you and take action to make it a better place for
everyone to enjoy--including your furry friends. You're warm, welcoming,
and a lot of fun.
Be careful, however, not to let your dedication to your cause alone determine your
actions--take time for yourself every now and then, too. Everything in moderation
will make you more balanced in your yoga practice and in your life.