June 13, 2008

Winding Down

We are about three hours away from the start of our final teacher training weekend. Not that training is over - I still have book reviews to write, a national workshop to attend, some classes to teach and to document. But in terms of the teacher training weekends, the formal "sit in the studio as a group, large sharing circle, eating meals together, practicing together" facets of the training - well, this weekend is it.

As usual, I am of two minds about that. I cannot believe that 6 months ago I was sitting in the sharing circle for the first time. Now, I'm starting to teach yoga. Pretty freaking amazing. And though I do not feel "all grown up" as a yoga teacher, I guess I have changed.....

I remember how freaked out we were at the start of the first weekend - long practices. Long training weekends. Much homework. High intensity yoga, high intensity training. Now, the actual training - the yoga, the training, the long hours, the homework - none of this is particularly scary.

But saying goodbye to the community that has grown up, to the trainees some of whom I may never see again. Very scary indeed......

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