July 27, 2008

Back, Sort Of

The festival is over, kind of, and I am back home. I am headed back up there tomorrow morning to finish closing out the performer merchandise sales. About 1:00 p.m., the heavens opened up in a horrendous thunderstorm with wind and hail. Several of the major festival tents were knocked down or compromised, and the festival had to be ended early.

No major injuries (that I am aware o) and we spent a long and frustrating afternoon in the merchandise office / camper trailer, sorting through piles of soggy cardboard and damp merchandise, hastily thrown into boxes and thrown into the trailer.

We got most of the big artists and labels sent off - I have a few hours of computer work ahead of me (to update the merch spreadsheet) before I head back out to Hillsdale to finish the job.


Lots of interesting things to report, which I will do a bit later....

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