July 07, 2008

Busy Work for Monday

[X] Replace 60 watt bulb in studio rest room
[X] Make sign-up folder for Desiree Rumbaugh workshop in August
[X] Make sign-in sheet for tonight's core-abs class
[X] Pick up the phone messages
[X] Call some people back
[X] Crawl up into the attic for paper towels
[X] Check in the 12:15 gentle class
[X] Take out the trash

What else ya got?

1 comment:

Terrence McCarthy said...

Desiree Rumbaugh? I've suspected that there might just be more to Rush Limbaugh than meets the ear. If I heard he was spotted in Palm Beach wearing a red dress and sling back pumps, I wouldn't be at all surprised. And that would probably be the name he'd use. As Rod Steiger said in that 60s film " No Way To Treat A Lady "

" Doesn't make you a bad person. "