July 28, 2008

The Circle, Unbroken

It was two years ago at Falcon Ridge that the seed for yoga teaching was planted. I was practicing daily up a the dance tent, and on Friday, a noticed one of the festival volunteers following my practice, way acoss the tent. On Saturday, he was there again, and came up to thank me and speak with me later - my practice was both helpful for him to follow and my postures very clear. Without my realizing it, I had been teaching....

Last year, he was there again, this time, practicing near me. I told him then of my plans (at that point tentative) to start yoga teacher training.

And this year, I led a gentle yoga class up in the dance tent, each morning from 7 am to 8 am. Although the practice often started with just a few souls, the class grew to 8-10 by the end. Quite lovely.

Some images, from my FRFF photos, soon to be uploaded to Flickr:

Above: I posted a small sign on the FRFF info boards and message boards.....

At right: My small Gentle Yoga sign - the rainbow colored GENTLE YOGA title ran gently over the coarse of the weenend due to rain and condensation.

At left: My pull cart filled with yoga mats (now in some need of washing, due to the dust and muddy feet), sitting outside the Performer Merchandise trailer where I spent most of the fest

On Saturday, I was bringing some product into the merchandise tent through the back entrance, and who did I see in front of me but Carissa, who taught my very first Intro to Yoga class. She was visiting the fest for the day with a friend (free pass). Completely out of the blue! She had seen my sign for classes but did not imagine it was me teaching them! So it was very nice to close the circle, so to speak, to have her pop up here at the folk fest, where my teaching career had its first sparks.

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