July 01, 2008


So, my tightness in the middle back and heartspace has morphed overnight into full blown constriction. It's just really limiting and at times, downright uncomfortable. Sleep was not easy, and I got up at 5 to feed the dogs and then uncharacteristically crashed for another 3 hours....

I've had more than a few "Am I having a heart attack?" thoughts (I'm 47, yanno), but really, listening to my body and recalling the past 24 hours, I'm pretty sure that I got this from chaturanga - dipping too deeply as I lowered down, and digging too deeply for that upward dog (without coming to rest on the ground). Those, along with a couple of times muscling myself into wheel in the past week (usually, I tend to pop up with a bit more of weightlifting jerk motion) and then working through 3 practices yesterday (as I demo'd and joined my classes in various forms of sun salutations). Turned out to be a bit much.....

In addition, I had some bodywork on Friday with Nykki, and I asked her to work on my shoulders - she really dug in between the shoulders and ribcage, loosening up fascia, and so maybe I should not have pushed so hard afterwards - the newly freed muscles, without the supporting network of fascia binding them to other muscles, perhaps had their first real workout in a long while.

I've been really pushing my shoulders of late. I can feel, and almost imagine, the muscles and tendons holding my shoulders in place - those on the back anchoring my shoulder blades to my back, those anchoring my shoulders to my ribcage, all screaming ENOUGH. Time to back off a bit.

And take a couple of Advil....my first in 2008 (that tells you how infrequently I have any sort of bosy discomfort, and how cranky this really is)

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Jane Willenbrink said...

Aw Jude! I'm sending light energy to your heart space...At least as yogis we know how to listen to our bodies when they hurt--just go easy for a few days and you'll be good as new :)