July 17, 2008

Economic Downturn

One of the quirks of my self-employed, freelancing, and economically on the margins life is that I tend to be immune from economic cycling. Or even inverted - when times are good, companies hire people and bring stuff in house, when things are thin, people lose head count and more things gets shunted off to outsiders. Big projects get cancelled or pushed back, resulting in continued work on existing gigs. And people start to panic, looking to do some additional marketing, press releases, visibility projects, etc. which often involves you-know-who.

So far, I have picked up a website to maintain, and another client is looking to cost-reduce some monitoring which means moving from a higher cost, full service vendor to a lower cost one (me). I've also picked up a last minute shopping cart project; one of my clients has been planning to outsource ticket sales for a couple of big events, but pulled it back in house at the last minute. So instead of simply linking to a third party site, I need to either rework last year's ticket sales code (some work, but not too bad) or develop a shopping cart (my preference, I think it will pay off in the future in terms of inventory control)

So, all in all, I've got work.....things could be worse.

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