July 06, 2008

Falcon Ridge Excitement

Spending hours this weekend loading up a spreadsheet with artist music for the Falcon Ridge Folk Fest. So I'm getting a little preview of the artists, especially the showcase artists. Some thoughts....

* I'm excited to see Patty Larkin at the fest - it's been too many years. Going through her discography, I recall purchasing 95's Stranger's Running and 97's Perishable Fruit when they were brand new - so we go back a ways.....and somewhere between then and now she seems to have come out. Well, so did I ::smirk::

* Excited also for Lucy Wainwright Roche - both for her music (which I am sure is wonderful) but for her pedigree. I'm a huge fan of both her parents, and having that energy around the fest is gonna be a wonderful thing. Sloan Wainwright played the fest a few year back but would be lovely to see Rufus, Suzzy, Loudon or any of the clan in site.

* Amazed at how many of the showcase performers have top notch web sites. Also interesting how many are simply represented by Myspace pages.

It's quite heartbreaking to realize how many talented people are putting it all on the line for the music. The 24 Showcase Performers have won the lottery, in a way - being chosen out of 100's of submissions to play three songs (or thereabouts) in front of 1000's of Falcon Ridge fans. And yet, as the merchandise tracker, I get the awkward task of cashing them out at the end of the fest - some sell many copies of their CD's, but some, not so many. It's sort of like being the cancer doc or the STD counselor, breaking the news that the test results are bad. Sorry, aspiring, worthy, and hopeful singer-songwriter - there were 20,000 people here this weekend but you only sold 3 CDs.

Kind of breaks your heart. I keep an eye out for showcase performers that touch my heart and maybe are not selling so well, and make a point to buy their CD.


Terrence McCarthy said...

Sounds like it's gonna be a terrific event. we saw Patty Larkin at the Iron Horse years ago. Loudon Wainwright on another night in Noho. Don't forget to remind Jack Hardy that I lived two floors up from him on Farmington Avenue in 66. I'd love for him to check out The Web Town Observer.

Jude said...

I put a little note into my artist spreadsheet - that says "Tell Jack about TM's blog" - that ought to kick-start these rapidly dimming, soon to be sun-baked synapses!

Terrence said...