July 28, 2008

The Falcon Ridge Hailstorm

Here's a Youtube video of the Sunday afternoon hailstorm that essentially ended the 2008 Falcon Ridge Folk Fest (in teh midst of Tracy Grammer's set - she comments on the video). The tent you see collapsing in the video is our staff / volunteer kitchen tent. Yikes!

I was safely ensconced in the merchandise trailer (where the hailstorm was loud but not too threatening - which we shared with a woman having a panic attack (and her husband, who was a big help storing the merchandise that made its way back into the trailer) and Patty Larkin and her kids (who were adorable even while terrified)

I'll blog more about teh folk fest as I have time....but this is pretty amazing!


Anonymous said...

I can't thank you and Diane enough for letting my wife Paula and I into the trailer. She calmed right down thanks to you and I am glad you let me help out the little that I did. It was the least I could do.

I'll be sure to thank you again in person next year. I'm sure there are hundreds of stories of people helping one another out during and after the storm - but you and Diane came to our rescue, and you could have said "no room, sorry".

Good luck sorting through all that merchandise and thank you, thank you, thank you.


Jude said...

I felt bad - the trailer was not such a bad place to be - but with the wind practically blowing the doors off when we opened them, it was not easy to try to wave people in for shelter. I felt bad for the folks in the big tents - must have been terrifying.

Glad Paula was OK, and you were a huge help - getting all that merch in there was a chore; we were sorting through it all afternoon as the artists checked out.

Terrence McCarthy said...

My guess is that there will be some songs written about that storm