July 20, 2008

Heading North

4:15 a.m. this morning found me sitting in the Sears parking lot at Corbins Corner, waiting for RZ and KB. We were headed up North to the Green River Festival, a music and balloon fest held each year, usually the week before Falcon Ridge (so I rarely make it). This year, I did, for the ballooning anyway.....

The field was somewhat misty - not quite socked in but hazy and with a low ceiling - so the flights were fairly short and not so scenic. KB piloted, taking a lesson from RZ, and I chased. Lots of pictures here

All in all a pretty decent day (although I thought I was on the point of freaking out when a solo pilot planted his balloon into a small grove of dead trees (with sharp, envelope piercing branches) and then proceeded to asked his rescuers to pull him into the road, a few 10's of feet from a 480 VAC line. Oy! His crew showed up and I beat feet, wanting to avoid any more involvement. I did scarf the remainder of KB's sour cream donut (I eat when I am nervous).

And the deferred plan to take some pictures of you friendly neighborhood blogger in yoga postures in and around balloons finally became reality.

Warrior II outside a nearby balloon

And part of extended warrior variation (with a bit of artistic license), taken inside the balloon.

I was not really all that happy with the pictures as portraits - I was not warmed up, did not have a dedicated photographer, was sneaking in postures in between inflating, and practicing on the wet grass or slippery balloon was not all that easy. But even though the postures themselves were somehat sloppy, I cropped out a bunch of interesting photos, here

And finally, we drove up north to Putney VT to Curtis's BBQ.

RZ and KB each had a full rack of ribs, hot. I opted for a half rack (mild). We split a bunch of sides: cole slaw, baked beans, cucumber and onion salad, and collard greens.

RZ and KB, preparing to indulge!

Curtis himself, manning the barbeque!

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Tony Heywood said...

Now thats what I call a bbq
thought this blog was about Salisbury in Wiltshire. Still glad I found it.

SEO Salisbury