July 21, 2008

A Little Bit Behind

I am nothing if not really neurotic about preparing for my annual folk festival. Yet this year, I am strangely complacent.

Normally, I have all the camping gear out of the basement, sorted, and pre-packed by now. At the moment, its mostly still down in the basement, other than the things brought up for the Gemini party. I did go to the camping store, where I scored two more tent poles (for the dining tarp, which is getting an extension to go over the tent) as well as some additional tent stakes and some rope clips thingees.

Also, Home Depot for a new tarp, as well as some string for the dining tarp.

So far, not so much on the food / snacks front (a trip to Trader Joe's is I am sure in the offing) - we're going to bring some protein (hard boiled eggs, cheese snacks, beef log) especially for the Zipster who can not easily subsist on the carbs and veggies of the volunteer kitchen.

I also have books to assemble (for the performer merchandise tracking), signs to make (for performer merchandise tent), my clothes to pack. And work, of course. And yoga, I've been off the mat since Thursday, and am teaching tonight in Unionville.

Busy couple of days.....

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