July 04, 2008

OSS 117: Cairo, Nest of Spies

What a hilarious movie. Wikpedia here. IMDB here. Real Art Ways here.

Just a wonderfully funny and well-done French send-up of James Bond films - completely authentic in reproducing those early Sean Connery films, and completely funny in a way that Austin Powers might be without the over the top silliness. Closer to the original Pink Panther movie (subsequent sequels got silly as well)

My favorite parts:
* The euro-centric, pro-colonial attitudes and statements, so obviously proven wrong by history. The hero keeps handing out photos of the French president as keepsakes to Eqyptians, and silences a muzzien's morning call to prayer (for waking him up) sparking an local crisis.
* The guy in the fez, faithfully tailing and reporting on the hero's every move, without actually doing anything
* There is a scene in an embassy were 4 "spies" are all talking, in complete non-sequitors, the humor of which is amplified by the english subtitles.
* The homo-erotic subtext / male bonding scenes (including a male-on-male beach scene a la From Here to Eternity) and simultaneous homophobia (on the hero's part). Just subtle enough to be amusing without offending.

At Real Art Ways through July 10th, although it was such a good crowd tonight that I suspect it might be held over.....

Highly recommended!

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Meghan Maguire Dahn said...

I already couldn't wait to see this one, but am now all the more eager! Thanks for your thoughtful review.