July 01, 2008

Six Feet Under

Zippy and I have gotten obsessed with this series on DVD. We have uber-secret basic cable, so no HBO or Showtime, and not event things like A&E or Bravo where something like this might have a second run. For us, it's DVD, courtesy of Blockbuster.

We've finished up Season 1, and starting Season 2 tonight.

We're pretty happy with it all so far. Nate is cute and conflicted. Brenda is likeable but complex. David is interesting in a coming out and dealing with his sexuality sort of way. Ruth (mom) is amusing and lovable. Claire (sister) is plyed by a wonderful actress. It's all pretty great. Will be interested to see how the show evolves and if the quality holds up over the run.....

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Terrence McCarthy said...

We were hooked on Six Feet Under, too. Terrific series. Well written and acted and spoke volumes about how we Americans view death and dying. Music's good, too. Check out the soundtrack CD.