July 05, 2008

Small World Department

I'm spending some time this morning working on the Falcon Ridge Folk Festival - updating the master spreadsheet for tracking performer merchandise. So I have a master spreadsheet with worksheets for each artist, and on these worksheets, list contact info as well as all the merch (CD's, books, shirts, etc) they are expected to bring. Then we track the number brought, the number taken at the end, and calculate the sales, commission, etc. so the artists can get their money.

First up on the Showcase performer stage is a woman from Auston named Abi Tapia. So I visit her website (very nice) and grab her contact info as well as info on her three CD's. She has a blog, so I click through to see if she is chatting up the Folk Fest.

Lo and behold, she wrote the music for a new film (formerly known as Best Kept Secret, now called Trinidad). I've been to Trinidad a few times myself, and Dr. Marci Bowers (one of the "stars" of the film) is both a friend and a client (I do her website)

Huh...small world. Looking forward to meeting Abi at the folk fest!

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