August 13, 2008

0 for 3

As is typical with my voting record, none of my candidates won. Per this morning's Courant:

Also victorious were incumbent state Sen. John Fonfara in the 1st state Senate District and newcomer Hector Robles in the 6th House District. Fonfara defeated Edwin Vargas Jr., 1,881 to 1,444, and Robles defeated Carmen Sierra, 832-730.

In the race for Democratic registrar of voters, Registrar Shirley Surgeon lost narrowly to challenger Olga Iris Vasquez, a former registrar, 2,085 to 2,153. Vasquez, who has been endorsed by the party, lost to Surgeon in 2004.

I'm not particularly upset; not being particularly invested in any of the candidates, and feeling OK about any of them. Call it a slight lean in one direction that got me to the polling location. Speaking of the polling place:
(Hartford Mayor Eddie) Perez, who had mentored Robles since his first run in 2004 against Feltman, said Robles' win was deserved. Perez stood outside a polling booth at the Batchelder School all day, greeting voters and handing out fliers for Robles.
I'm kind of glad my polling place intuition had me parking at the far end of the lot at Batchelder to vote, where I had to walk by a solitary Sierra supporter, and avoid the glad-handing politicos including the mayor. I did not spot Mayor Perez across the parking lot, but there was a crowd of folks at the polling place and I am not surprised he was there.

In an election season where the politicos were particularly annoying (in terms of calls, visits, mailings) a last minute sales pitch from Perez at the polling place would have been just perfect. Not.

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