August 17, 2008

Ballooning Today

A fairly routine flight, from the Aquaturf in Southington to Miner Hill Golf Course in Middletown. Good distance.....

Notable because:
a) Team Confetti (Jen and Mike Kirkwood) were flying with us
b) We saw some wildlife (cardinals, flying geese, flowers)
c) We saw some faux wildlife (cardboard coyotes)
d) Aquaturf was the alternate launch site, since Panthorm Park (on a hill) was a bit breezy
e) Landing on the first fairway of a golf course is always exciting, but no drama. It was a pretty quiet morning, and the golfers on the tee box thanked us for making their day as they passed by.

Fake Coyote, at an industrial building off Country Club Road

Packing up in the shadow of the first tee box at Miners Hill Golf Course, Middletown

More Photos, on Flickr, here

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