August 01, 2008

Digging Out

Slowly recovering from Falcon Ridge 2008, a festival that will go down in history due to the horrendous storm that closed the weekend prematurely.

Right now the backporch is jammed with camping stuff, much to Zippy's frustration. I've cleaned and aired out the storage tubs, and am starting to fill them with cleaned and dried out stuff - air mattresses, tarps, camping supplies. It's happening rather piecemeal, as I try to catch up on the rest of my life.

My big medical imaging client has chosen this moment to get busy - so I came home to a small backlog of work that has grown to a fairly scary number of sites needing to be analyzed and reported. Unfortunately, I think I've been sleep deprived from the fest so sitting in front of the puter watching graphs and numbers has sent me off into sleepyland on a few occasions this week. So not getting a lot done on that front.

Also be slowly teasing my way back onto the mat - Monday I had to teach a class in Unionville, Tuesday morning a short class with my nurturing yoga teacher Carissa, and Wednesday a morning power class with Sarah, subbing for Marcia. Which was just as well, my lower back got tweaky suddenly that morning, and Marcia sometimes exacerbates that (lots of vinyasa and forward folds). Yesterday, a class with Barbara which I think, got me back on track, yoga wise. At the end, when she offered inversions, I just popped up into handstand without hesitation.

Today - it's the 1st of August (already?) and so I need to do my invoicing and reporting. One of my website clients is starting to sell tickets online for a holiday event, so I need to make sure that's up and running. They also want to implement another online coupon. And the backlog of medicla imaging reports. So lots to do.

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