August 17, 2008

Early Mornings

There is something special about being up before 99.9% of the world. I think that's why I've continued to chase balloons all these years - it's an opportunity to get up and get moving.

To drive the length of New Britain Avenue with all the lights flashing yellow (except for the one in front of the Corner Pug) - turning that usually annoying road into a pleasant drive. To see the full moon setting as the first dawn light breaks. To stop in for coffee with the smell of fresh baked goods greeting you at the door.

The day is new, unspoiled. Life is cleaner, cooler, more innocent.

Yeah, I'm a morning person.


sandy shoes said...

I'm happier when I can be a morning person -- even a half hour's peace before everyone else is stirring feels so restorative -- but I just can't get to bed at night. I really need to change my schedule.

akageorge said...

Oh, perky one, you are such a freak! LOL -- no, I'm not a morning person. Grunt. Hmmph.