August 12, 2008

Getting Out the Vote

At 6:30 this evening, the political machine (i.e. - a woman driving a minivan festooned with campaign signs for Carmen Sierra) pulled up in front of the house. The dogs (as usual) went berzerk.

She was checking if we had voted. A quick check of her clipboard showed that I had voted (before noon, right after yoga, although I'm pretty sure her clipboard just had a yes/no tally) but she was not so sure about the Zipster. I called up upstairs, to find that he had indeed voted (after work). it legal for them to have a list of who voted? Even if it is, it's still kind of creepy.....

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JenCooper said...

Hiya, Jude. Yup,legal. It actually protects you. Theoretically, at least. You show ID, then cross your name off so that no one else can vote in your name.

BTW, when you said your guys didn't win, you didn't vote for Giles, did you?