August 19, 2008


Yesterday, I posted a Facebook update "Judith has a quiet week ahead of her". Definitely spoke too soon; for yesterday my largest client got back from vacation and dropped about 20 hours of work into my In Box, a fair number of them marked URGENT or ASAP.

For the record, URGENT means "today...maybe tomorrow" and ASAP means before anything else, but not URGENT. Took me a while to figure out that coding....

So no worries about work, but plenty of worries about backlog and time management.

One problem is efficiency and technology - some of the work involves slinging files around that are 600M to 1.2G in size, and my older desktop, while able to deal with it, slows down considerably. So working on those files is an exercise in patience. I've been meaning to upgrade for a while, but it would involve many hours of reloading software (and getting everything to work on a new operating system). Ugh.

Although the next time I get some less encumbered money, I might pick up a faster box and just get it set up for the applications needed to write the reports (I have space in my office) and migrate the rest of life over there as time permits....

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