August 02, 2008

Temporal Reference

I'm going to blame my folk fest fatique and catching up afterwards for this, and not some early onset of dementia or alzheimer's.

This week, I woke in bed one morning convinced that I had an intro to yoga class scheduled in the coming weeks, that I forgot when, and I was thinking I might have missed it. In fact, I taught the class in the middle of July.

And this morning, waking from a post-ballooning nap around noon, I convinced myself that it was Sunday morning and that I had slept through a 9:30 am gentle class I am subbing tomorrow morning. I literally got up panicking!

In fact, with my little PDA and dry-erase calendars at work and stuff, I'm pretty good at scheduling and keeping appointments. I have not blown off an appointment or commitment in ages.

I need (a) some sleep and (b) to catch up on life.....

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