August 05, 2008

You Know.....

A week or so ago, Steve Campo of Theaterworks was on Colin McEnroe's show, talking up the new production, No Child.... (which I most certainly plan to see)

Steve must have said "You know...." about 100 times. No exaggeration. Just one of those verbal tics that people develop (I've had that one myself in the past, and I am sure I have others now). In fact, Steve's " know..." (or the more familiar "...ya know..." was so infectious that Colin, himself a seasoned radio host without too many verbal tics, started doing it as well. It was kind of funny. Would love to play the tape back and keep score, I'm guessing it would be Steve 105 to Colin 15. Fortunately, Steve was amusing and interesting, and the verbal spam was a small irritant (with some entertainment value) on an otherwise wonderful segment.

Today on NPR's "On Point", Tom Ashbrook interviewed author Anita Jain (Love and Marriage in Modern India). Ms. Jain apparently has westernized sufficiently so that she too, has been infected with the " know..." bug. Unfortunately, Ms. Jain was not so amusing and engaging; it got so bad, I had to turn it off and ended up surfing over to listen to Jim Vivevich (gasp) for a few moments.

I know doing radio (and speaking extemporaniously) is tough work, and far be it from me to cast asparagus on folks. But the "You Know" thing is something I'm somewhat aware of, and would notice it cropping up, and I really have not heard it overused too often in recent years. So, odd to have it pop into my consciousness twice in a week or so.

You know?

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