September 17, 2008

A Bucket Ride

A rare mid-week balloon outing this morning. Our passengers included a woman with terminal cancer - perhaps a few more weeks to live. Her friends treated her to a balloon ride. Quite a lovely, and sobering flight.

We often have folks ticking off items on their "Bucket List" - hot air ballooning is right up there with sky-diving, visiting exotic places,

But the love these folks had for their friend, the awe of lifting a delicate human frame into and out of the basket, and the preciousness of this life we are living.

Check something off your own bucket list, while you have health and time. Or maybe lose the bucket list, and live each day as it might be your last.

As we said our good-byes, RZ and I hugged our passenger. I hope my hug conveyed what was in my heart: love for a fellow traveler, any healing or comfort that might be transmitted via contact, and a little sadness for the death that we shall each find sooner that we could imagine.

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