September 02, 2008

Guerilla Yoga

I practiced on Monday morning. Shankara did something a little special (as is typical for a holiday class) with a Hara centered practice intent on raising the energy through the belly. I found a little overview of that (it's a Kripalu borrowing of a Japanese concept) here.

So it was a good practice, a deep practice, but one that did nothing for my slightly tweaky lower back, which got tweakier as the day progressed. So when my bud's Amy and Nykki texted me "Wanna practice?" I jumped at the chance, and met them over at the studio for a little guerilla yoga. Even though the studio is open to teachers to use when they want, it still felt a little subversive. Which was fun.

So we just set up our mats and worked on our own practices. I did not do anything formal but just followed my body's lead. I ended up with a nice little simmer of heat and fairly light practice, but with a happy lower back. Mission accomplished.

It was nice to spend the time and share the space that way. We talked occasionally; trading notes about teaching, about gentle yoga (which I seem to have a knack for, and Amy is interested in learning about), about our histories and practices. It was a very sweet hour or so on a quiet holiday afternoon. We all agreed it was something worth doing again; maybe setting up something more regular / formal.

I need to mix a bit more of that sort of self directed, intuitive, exploratory yoga into my own practice.....

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