September 24, 2008

Like a Virgin

Taught a yoga class this evening at the Hartford Public Library. A HUGE crowd (40+ people, spread out over a warehouse like space cryptically named "The X Room". (X must stand for "Extra Large")

Some real challenges with the space - high ceilings, a persistant ventilation fan (probably the entire library cooling system), and a crowd drifted in over the first 15 minutes of class and that spread out after class began, when I could not easily get them to come to the front of the space. Even with my outside voice, I had trouble reaching the corners of the room.

So this morning, I am researching a wireless headset microphone (a la Madonna) that I can hopefully plug into the A/V system that seems to be semi-permanently installed in the space (judging from the taped down cables). With any luck it will be there and available for the rest of the series. Did not take me long to become one of those yoga teachers (you know, the prima donna rock star ones with the wireless headsets). I'll be in the green room, centering myself.

Actually, it was pretty incredible working that space; it's a population we normally do not see at the studio (transportation and cost issues, no doubt) and I am excited to teach the rest of the series. It's a joint project of my yoga studio, the city of Hartford, and the library.

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