September 13, 2008

Midway Through September

I look up and suddenly September is 1/2 gone. It's been that kind of month, already. And the fun has not started yet.....

I'm finally catching up on my pile of reports in the queue for work - two large reports and one smaller one are pending, and if I actually head in to the office this weekend I can bang them out. Would be nice to go into Monday with no backlog (of that sort, I still have other things pending)

The week flew by - I traveled to Reading PA on Wednesday for work - visiting a small imaging center. Nothing much found - grounding that was not good but not horrible, no other serious issues. Need to put together a trip report, an expense report, an invoice (in that order) and get that off the pile. And once that is done, I can start to catch up on a few other things:

* A long delayed final report from a spring trip to OK
* A spreadsheet update for one of the my clients to incorporate some new data structures
* Learning Dreamweaver so I can take over maintenance of one of my client's websites

The webite side of life has also been busy; with a bunch of updates for my friends in Essex; Lomax: The Hound of Music is coming at the end of the month so there have been website updates, email blasts, and the like, on top of regular SELL OUT updates for the North Pole Express and Santa Special events at year end. And another client (albeit a pro bono one) has been sending some updates after a long silence. So busy there.

I worked at the studio two days this week for the vacationing studio manager - which chewed into my work and yoga time but was useful adn fun. I need a vacation. I rarely if ever take one; my excuses range from poverty to traveling too much for work (not so true anymore) to not having anyone to go with (more true these days than in the recent past). But I'd love to just go soemwhere fun, relax, do things for no reason, hang out, relax. Maybe next life :( I should not complain; not too many people have the sort of life that I do where one can sneak into yoga class pretty much any and every day, run out to matinees when the spirit moves, etc. But I would like to have a financial life that is a little more stable and has some wiggle room and a budget for an occasional visit to someplace nice.

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