September 09, 2008

Trinity Restaurant

Finally made it over to the Trinity Restaurant this evening, for dinner following the Werner Pfeiffer lecture.

The formal dining area is relatively unchanged from the Timothy's days, although the old entrance / counter dining on the corner of Bonner and Zion is now the kitchen entrance. The menu is a bit more upscale and conventional than back in the Timothy's days - less hummus, whole wheat, and sprouts, and more continental cuisine. Not inexpensive, but the food was yummy and portions large - Zippy had an entree, his dad had an appetizer, and I had soup and salad, and we were all well-fed.

No liquor license, so bring your own.

Seems to continue to be a professorial hangout - the folks from the lecture, including Werner Pfeiffer) showed up for dinner while we were there (we resisted the urge to continue the dialogue)

The place was understaffed this evening - with one waitperson (the woman who owns the place with her husband, perhaps?) - and a pretty busy night for a Tuesday - so our check took FOREVER to come, but while waiting we were comped a delicious dessert (a tiramisu, albeit in square format). So that was good.

I can recommend it for a date night before or after a movie at Cinestudio. Now I just need a date......

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