September 23, 2008

Wait - it's Tuesday?

Monday was one of those days that flew by so fast I pretty much missed it. Yoga in the morning - a lower energy all-levels class. Just the ticket as I recovered from a bustling weekend and reserved some energy to teach Monday night. Good thing I saved some energy - I got a mid-afternoon call to teach a 4:30 gentle class which was full-up (19 people, I think 1 or 2 were turned away at the door) and then my regular 7:30 gentle (only 5 folks for this "first class, new on the schedule", which was a nice change of pace). So I'm pretty much taught out. Need to get my teaching mojo back, because tonight I'm teaching to a large group (31 pre-registered) at the Hartford Public Library. Anyone seen my bullhorn?

Sunday night we had a staff meeting at the yoga studio; most of the teaching staff was there and it was really wonderful to be in a circle with this group of people. It's hard to believe I stepped onto the mat a mere 3 years ago, and now find myself counted among these wonderful teachers I have come to love and trust my body and spirit to. Sobering and exciting.

Last night, my first yoga teacher (she took over my intro class a few weeks in, and I continued to rpactice mainly with her for many months) came into my gentle class and took practice. It was an honor to have her there, and she said she was welling up during class. I get that; a few of my regular weekday student show signs of getting the yoga bug, just as I have, an it feels wonderful to be passing this along. The seeds she planted in me a few years back, taking root, growing. I'm still a sapling here.....but I'm growing stronger and taller every day.

But the big picture will take care of itself. My body wants a hot shower, and a nice healing practice with the Nykkster. I've got work to do. And I've got a yoga class to prep for.....

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