September 16, 2008

With a Fizzle

My summer gig leading a yoga practice at a gym in Unionville ended last night; somewhat anti-climatically. I got there to find the manager (who I had never met) signing in a new instructor (my replacement) - apparently our signals got crossed and she thought last week was my final one. So I turned around and headed for home.

No biggie - my heart was not in it, I had gotten to the gym to find I had left my music at the studio. I wasted a trip out, but I was not highly attached to teaching last night - I had taught a noon gentle class, and have classes Wed and Fri. Last night fell into the category of "doing them a favor until they got someone else"

So, I am free to focus on my upcoming classes - one last week of summer schedule - then we plow into the fall, with new opportunities and challenges. I'm glad I had the chance to teach some gym yoga this summer; a stepping stone for me. But also kind of glad it's over.

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