October 27, 2008


Took some business suits to the dry cleaners this morning - my annual "get ready for business trips" cleaning. I rarely get to dress up nice for work - bumming around in casual clothes (or more likely, yoga duds) to work locally, and putting on some form of clothing appropriate for digging around in ceilings and basements when I go out on site.

Putting the storms down this weekend, we found a broken storm (probably a lawnmower kicked stone, if I had to guess) so I took that over to Capitol Glass to have it reglassed (repaned? rewindowed? repaired?)

And today, the receptionist at the office gives me the news - my storage closet is ready to go, so once I have a lock (I have a few kicking around here somewhere) I can start taking old files and test equipment and the like down there, and maybe get this office looking presentable for the first time in eons......

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