October 04, 2008

Tias Little Wrap-up

A final Master Class this evening closes out my 24 hour teacher training with Tias Little. Packed room, so easy to get lost. I was kind of woozy to start - from the 20 hours of workshop (and deting) the proceeding 3 days, to not a lot of good sleep last night, to a full morning of ballooning fun. But I got into the groove, and it was good. I got to work next to one of my fellow teachers Linda, who I have come to know a bit better (and enjoy hanging with) and so we had a good class despite the crowded conditions.

All in all, a good class. Tias kind of takes me into my left brain a bit much - I like my yoga a bit more organic. For example, I do headstands pretty much daily, and without too much effort / thought / strain. I even lift my head up off the floor and support my weight on my forearms and shoulders pretty easily. But tonight, by the time Tias got done explaining how the forearms and hands should be (and I tried doing the things he said), my Sirsasana was awkward, forced, and I realized I was mashing my head into the floor (lovely for the cervical spine - not). Much better for me to get up into headstand my own way, then work to tweak the shoulders/ arms / hand fingers towards what he considers optimum. I need to remember that Tias is one individual working with a particular body, and I know my own body better than anyone else.

I am taking away from the training a ton of knowledge, good props and assists, and a renewed sense of excitement about it all. Definitely time well spent.

But it also brings into sharp focus the end of my teacher training. I am perhaps 8 book reports and 2 assisting classes away from my 200 hour Yoga Alliance certification. A bit of pride, a bit of wistfulness, a bit of awe and wonder.

Teacher training is an ongoing process - I am sure it will remain an important part of my life. But that first 200 hour certification is gonna be a big milestone for me.

Tomorrow, no balloon chasing. 8:30 with Nykki, assuming I get up. And 11:00 a gentle class to be taught over at Center Studio.

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