November 28, 2008

And boom....the holidays are here

Thanksgiving was late this year (so they say) and I have to admit I am not in the xmas mood.

This weekend will blur by - with yoga stuff, a book signing this evening, a belated family dinner on Sunday, and sneaking into the office to catch up on work. I look at the calendar, and Monday is the first of the month. Already? Wow....

Next week, a lot of yoga teaching (one of the studio rock stars is away, so I get to do some subbing). Thursday I leave for a weekend at Kripalu, at an Enlightment Intensive. Then a week of catching up. Then a week of travel (Tulsa again). And then, it will be the holiday week.

So...pretty much put it in drive and see you in January. The only good thing is, all this work means I'll be flush with cash about mid-month, so I can do some xmas shopping and close out 2008 with my head above water.....

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