November 23, 2008

Off to Tulsa

I'm heading back to Tulsa OK, a follow-up to my trip back in April. My San Diego client is developing power supplies for a client who makes large flight simulators (for Gulfstream's and Learjets and the like). This client is simultaneuously migrating from a hydraulic control system to one based on motors and variable speed drives. When I went there in April, we found lots of electrical noise issues, grounding issues, etc. I made some recommendations back then; this trip out we are going to see what has been fixed, what is still an issue, etc.

It is, perhaps, symptomatic of my life that I never did get that April trip closed out fully (final report, invoicing) so hopefully this will permit that to happen. It also means I'm going to be able to bill my San Diego client a good 5 workdays and 4 travel days this month (plus expenses) which ought to return me to financial comfort moving into the new year. Good thing too....

I'm trying to be positive about this trip; I have not been looking forward to it in terms of life disruption, needing to sub out a yoga class, needing to travel the week of Thanksgiving, and being tied to my client (so I probably won't get any studio yoga in). S'ok. I can catch up on some work (book reports for yoga teacher training, some long term projects). I can catch up on sleep. I can do my own practice.

So, off to Tulsa...I'm back on Thursday. But I'll blog from the road as best as I can!

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