November 25, 2008

Tulsa Update

Down here in Tulsa, on my 3rd trip with this particular sub-client* this calendar year. I've been out to one of their facilities in Long Beach, CA. Also to this facility, last April. Here this week, and it looks like I will be back one more time before the christmas holiday.

This trip was, to be honest, a bit premature. My primary functions - investigate leakage curent and grounding, and check the system demand and harmonics, were not possible because the system was not ready. The "system" is a large flight simulator. And "not ready" means that the 13 motors and variable speed drives that make up the bulk of the electrical load (and create the bulk of the potential leakage current and noise issues) were not yet operational. So....I need to come back.

But, exciting to be here. Nice to get a few more billable days this month. And this seems to be a long term client - with potential for site issues, site prep and installation assistance, and ongoing development work.

Also, I get to occasionally fly (and crash) simulated jets!

* Sub-client = Customer of my customer. I'm getting paid (this trip) by my customer.

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