November 10, 2008

Working the Circuit

It's been a hard week of yoga; a mini-bootcamp almost. Starting last Wednesday, I did 5 serious practices (with a small break) in a row. Christine. Barb. Nykki. A rest day. Shankara. And tonight, Marcia. After a few weeks of low energy and healing, it felt like a week of taking this body out for a spin, open her up, see what she can do. Five kick-ass yoga instructors - I am blessed. And crazy. And blessed some more.

Today I taught a gentle class at noon (lot of shoulders, and I worked or demo'd most of the postures) and this afternoon, Marcia's hot class went the same direction. Eagle, dolphin, a bunch of warrior postures and chaturanga, even handstand. So by the time tonight's gentle class rolled around, the last thing I wanted was more shoulder work. Gladly, one of the student spoke of lower back stuff and another of wanting to work her legs - so we went in those directions. My shoulder have that dull throbbing of having done some hard work.

I'm out the door tomorrow, hitting the ground early for a 6:40 am flight out to San Diego. Been ages since I have traveled; I am looking forward to it. Tuesday and Friday are travel days; Wed in San Diego, and Thursday up to Tustin. Gonna try to squeeze some yoga in (of course) and visiting with friends as well. Should be a quick but nice trip.

Blog from the road (of course)...

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