December 14, 2008

Blogging from BDL

All in all, it seems like a pretty nice day to fly - clear and cold but warming up. Bradley is prety quiet too - the lull between the holiday storms. I breezed through gate check-in and security. I'm heading to Tulsa via a circuitous route - Southwest to Midway and from there down to Tulsa. I had some SW credits from a cancelled trip that I needed to burn by Feb (or lose the funds), so figured this would be a good time, and besides, I kind of like Southwest. They tend to depart and arrive on time.... and no extra baggage fees (with my two bags, clothes and test equipment, most airlines would get another $50-$100 for the entire trip)

A semi long travel day - my travel bag is filled with time-fillers. Two recent issues of the New Yorker. Two issues of Yoga Journal. A couple of books (Iyengar's "Light on Life", a book of Rumi). And my MP3 player with some music to embed into my subconscious for kirtan.

This is the "real" trip that I took at the end of November, right before Thanksgiving. The equipment was not really ready for me back then, so it was more of a political trip (touch base, look things over, take meetings, etc.). This ought to be a more productive trip (i.e. - I can bring out my meters and scopes and get some things done). I have some work to do enroute - setting up some documents (tables and stuff) to expedite the measurements and data capture.

This time *I* am renting a car, so maybe I can sneak out to yoga some night at Inner Peace Yoga (yes, there is yoga in Tulsa). We'll see.....I brought my mat and yoga clothes so I'll practice in the hotel regardless, and I brought a swimsuit to maybe get a swim in (indoor pool) and/or a soak in the whirlpool.

The apartment hunt continues - the place I saw in New Britain last week that I kind of liked, I liked less in daylight. Mostly related to room sizes - the bedrooms were small, especially the one that I would use as an office, and the closets were miniscule. Would be OK if there were some storage space (basement, attic, crawl spaces) - but not much of that either. So I keep looking. I'm upping my rent window a bit, looking at a condo in Plainville and a 3 family in West Hartford. When I get back from Tulsa, I ought to have the funds to look in earnest....

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