December 10, 2008

Boycotting Christmas

Reasons I am being a scrooge this year:

* I am moving into a new place, maybe as soon as Jan 1, and am not about to get too involved in the holiday if I am getting ready packing and stuff

* I am too darned busy, heading to Tulsa for work this Sun-Wed, and maintaining a engineering career, a yoga teaching career, and helping out around the yoga studio

* I pretty much gave up on xmas / holiday cards the last few years

* Zippy is not christian so we've never really done much in terms of tree, lights, etc. Maybe 1-2 years out of the 7 or so we have been together

* I am effectively broke right this second; I have a pantload of receivables which ought to start showing up any time now, but really, I'm too poor to hit the shops

* We're getting ready for a Dec 19th kirtan which ought to keep me pretty busy between now and then (when I am not working, teaching, or being in Tulsa)

So....catch me after the new year. I'm sleeping in this holiday. Will probably go visit my family in MA for the day, but other than that, I'm not doing much.....


Terrence said...

The " gifts " under the tree we put up last night are actually wrapped, empty boxes. Like something you'd see in a shop window,which is fitting as just about everybody we've seen in the malls down here are window shopping. There is nobody in the stores. Nobody. I understand how you're feeling, but try to make the best of it. Have a holly, if not jolly Christmas this year. P.S. Moriarty is Jewish, I'm Congregationalist ( lapsed ) But for some reason it's worked out all these years.

Agent B said...

Agent B is concentrating on service and giving this year. Agent B just got laid off, so cash flow is going to be a HUGE issue. But Agent B is finding enormous satisfaction in staying connected with people through a group effort of service. The Intrepid Blogger might find the same satisfaction on kirtan night or something ... whatever it is that clicks the *light* ON.

Just sayin' ..

Agent B will continue to file reports to Scenic Root, too.