January 01, 2009

2008 Wrap-up

One of the bennies of having a blog is that it provides a handy way to look back in time. So as 2009 clicks over, I'm looking back on what 2008 meant for me, personally. I usually get to this a bit earlier, but it's been a busy year....

Without doubt, 2008 was the year of yoga. I started out a "type A" yogi - with a strong and regular practice. In the first half of 2008, I survived 6 long weekends of yoga teacher training, and in the 2nd half of the year, I became a yoga teacher. Funny how that happened. I did *not* set out to teach yoga; I merely became aware that the bowl that is my self had been filling up with yoga the past few years, had begun to overflow, and yoga was spilling out of myself whether I willed it or not.

So I signed up for teacher training (expecting to deepen my practice, and perhaps have some teaching chops for the when the moments arrive, but NOT expecting to teach). But the first few times I stood in front of a class of students, well, it just kind of flowed. So here I am, teaching yoga. Pretty amazed and ecstatic about that. I've also become a bit more embedded down at the studio, between part time work and teaching.

Hard to really quantify much else about the past year. My engineering work continues - my biggest clients are still chugging along, I've picked up some new clients and industries, I have as much work as I need or want.

My IRA dropped about 40% this past year, but since it's not something I plan on using anytime soon, and it's not all that much at this point - that's OK. A paper loss that will hopefully be restored. In the meantime, I am trying to stuff it for 2008 / 2009 right now, taking advantage of bargain basement stock prices. With a new president and a new administration coming in - I am optimistic. The last time a Dem was in office the world and the economy went through a prosperous period, and while I do not expect any quick changes after 8 years of mismanagement, neglect, and criminal world policies under Bush, well - it can't get worse.

I signed up for Facebook and picked up (between Facebook and teacher training) a newish social circle.

And I explored moving out - finding my own apartment which woul dbe a huge life change (involving moving my personal life as well as my office into the new place) but that is, for the moment, on hold.

And so I head into 2009 pretty much on course. Continuing my yoga practice, my yoga teaching. Continuing my engineering. Working on my living arrangement.

The years spin by...faster and faster.

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