January 17, 2009

Home Again

No, not the Marx Brothers' vaudeville act....

A few days up in MA, with mixed feelings. First the positive. I had a kicking yoga practice on Thursday night, with Caroline at Back Bay Yoga. Ostensibly a Forrest practice, it was a lot deeper and slower than the more energetic practices I have done with Ana and others - although no less strong. Really enjoyed it! At one point we did a knee down lunge, reaching back with one hand for the opposite foot - and in the ensuing back stretch, I felt 1/2 dozen vertebrae pop. Like a self induced chiropractic adjustment. Awesome.

The studio is funky and urban (3rd floor, kind of chaotic and crowded) which was fine - a different energy from WHY but I liked.

Afterwards, my yoga teacher training buddy GG and her SO and I went out for yummy Pho at Pho Republique. So a nice evening all around.

Friday and Saturday morning, I taught yoga at a conference in Peabody. Not particularly successful - just 1 student on Friday and 2 on Saturday. A crowd more intent on late night partying, getting dolled up, and tire kicking with medical professionals is not really, I fear, into the quiet energy and stripping down of artifice that yoga brings. I'd blame the time (9 am after late nights) except that there were plenty of folks hanging out waiting for something to happen, sitting in the restaurant, or heading to the workout room. Oh well - I tried.

Similarly, sitting 5 years away from the big life change thing that most of the folks were in the midst of, I felt like a fish out of water, or a space alien. A different creature, to be sure. I've always felt a little divorced from it all, but the past year or so, as I dive deeper into yoga and personal growth, the further I get from all this stuff.

Oh well, at least nobody helpfully pointed me to the cosmetic surgery or breast augmentation docs, or offered unsolicited advice on makeup or corsetry (all of these have happened in the past).

In other news, I slept at my mom's place in Framingham. It was nice to spend time with Mom, we had a nice meal on Friday night and a bit of hanging out together. This cold weather is kind of tough on her (keeps her somewhat homebound) so I am glad to have had the time to visit. I wish I could get up that way more often....

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