January 10, 2009

One out of Twenty-Four

24 bodies (with resident spirits) in my gentle yoga class yesterday. Not my biggest class ever, but a good sized crowd. However, one of those spirits belonged to the studio director, who NEVER goes to her teacher's classes. One of the other senior teachers was beside himself with surprise (and maybe a bit of envy?) when he realized she was in there. As some of my schoolteacher friends said later "It's like when the superindendent audits a class"

But really, it was not so bad. A few moments of nervousness, and a little bit of self-consciousness as I planned my sequencing on the fly (I rarely do more than plan out a general direction), moved through the room, mentally double checked my languaging. But she was one of my students, and I frankly spent more time thinking about the rest of the class.

Afterwards, positive feedback. No major issues noted (this is a woman who pulls no punches and is incredibly astute and intuitive when it comes to seeing into the soul). And a request for a copy of my music (I ordered her a disc of the one artist she is unlikely to have)....which made me feel pretty good.

I feel like I've passed a test or something.....pretty good.

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