January 10, 2009

Social Saturday

No yoga today. Instead, a fairly mad social schedule.

9:30 am - Meeting at the Avon Old Farms Hotel, where we are planning our balloon club's annual winter dinner (I'm on the planning committee, by dint of bitching about the unimaginative venues the past few years).

11:00 am - A late breakfast up at the Harvest Cafe and Bakery in Simsbury. A great place, the food was yummy, although when something says "shredded zucchini, asparagus, and leeks" I expected a layer or two of veggies. It was more like a thick quiche. Good, but I was in the mood for a little more fiber and green.

1:30 pm - Criterion Cinemas at Blue Back Square, to see Frost/Nixon. First time at the Blue Back cinemas, and I was less than blown away. The decor felt kind of dated, I actually commented to my movie bud that "it reminds me of the old Elm" (just a vibe) and I would have thought they would have gone with stadium seating (maybe some of the screens are) since the facility seems to be more build up rather than spread out. I'd just as soon go to Cinema City (atmosphere / history) or Bowtie on New Park (modern cinemas).

4:30 pm - Lucy, where I scored a bunch of yoga clothes at their 50% off (previous markdown prices). Three yoga tops, a tank top, and a long sleeved shirt for $56.

Got home around 5:00 pm as the roads started to get tricky from the snow. Relaxing night - some TV, some dinner, some laundry. Bound to be some shoveling tomorrow....

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