February 01, 2009

Hey WHY Teacher Trainees

Tough Weekend, huh? You made it though.....congrats. See you around the studio this week!

I took a few minutes to look over my blog posts for the first weekend of last year's training. See if they resonate:

* First Day of School - Thursday, January 17th

* And so, I am off.... - Friday, January 18th

* YTT - Day One - Saturday Morning, January 19th

* It's By Far the Hardest Thing I've Ever Done - Sunday Morning, January 20th

* Well, I Survived - Sunday Evening, January 20th

* Finding My Voice - Wednesday, January 20th

Interesting to see where I was back then. Yep, those teacher training practices still kick my butt!

1 comment:

Kristi Sullivan said...

Love your posts - they are great and make me laugh. Definitely describing what we are going through (in just weekend one). Do you have more? It would be fun to read along the way. Namaste!
- Kristi