February 17, 2009

Hulu - An Evil Plot to Destroy the World

I have to admit that when I saw the Superbowl Ad, I just assumed it was a joke or spoof or something.

But Hulu.com actually exists. If having 30Rock, an NBC sitcom about a fake NBC comedy show with a mobius strip of cameos, inside jokes, etc. was not enough, now Alec Baldwin, who is not a real slimy corporate exec but plays one on 30Rock is now shilling for Hulu as a slimy corporate exec who is really a space alien seeking to "turn your brains to mush"

Whatever level of self-referential, snarkiness they are aiming for, pretty sure they are hitting it!

Love the concept, will probably stream an occasional sitcom that I missed or something. But they need to tie in with Roku so I can stream content to my television....cause although I occasionally use my computer to watch streaming video, I really want such content on my television, and the Roku box lets that happen pretty well.

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