March 19, 2009

Craigslist - Missed Connections

One of my guilty pleasures is reading the Craigslist Missed Connections pages. Submitted for your amusement, this week's cream of the crop:

Theme #1 - The Family That Shoots Together....

In Line for Gun Permit (Middletown, CT)

You were the beautiful woman in line waiting to get your new gun permit, I was behind you waiting to renew mine. The line was really long, 12 people deep and I had to get to Manchester for an appointment. I thought there might be a connection there
I know there was on my part:) If you see this then perhaps it is fate...

Gun Permit - f4m - 32 (Middletown)

I was there a couple months ago. The man (mid 20s maybe?) with the dark hair and amazing blue eyes is still stuck in my head. Im pretty sure he noticed me too......I asked the finger print girl about him.....I'll be back when my temp comes in.

Your Lab Results Are Back

Hospital fitness center - m4m (Hartford)

Really enjoyed playing in private T-room. Would like to make it a regular thing (couple times a week). AM is usually good for me. Will bring the condoms next time.

Jude Comments: Now I know why my physical therapist was so late

Probably a Cheap Date

Saw you at Marshall's Sunday - m4m - 42 (Avon)

Saw you at Marshall's in Avon on Sunday. You were with the fam, I was alone. You - silver hair, glasses. Thought we had a few glances that might be more. Hit me back if you see this and are interested.

Jude Comments: The whole "you were with the fam" thing is a little awkward. Can we say "on the down low" maybe?

Mrs. Robinson, Are You Trying to Seduce Me?

same condo - m4w - 27 (Vernon) and I live in the same condo complex, and always smile at each other and say hi everytime we see each other. You are an older woman but I find you very sexy and attractive. Me and my buddy came over one time and had some drinks with you and a couple of your friends before. If you happen to see this and are somewhat interested send me a message back.

Make that a Grande

Starbucks Drive-Thru - m4m - 36 (Glastonbury)

You were in a blue pickup at the Starbucks on Hebron around 1:15 this afternoon. We made eye contact through your side mirror. I'd love to buy you a latte ;)

Blonde at glastonbury starbucks - m4m

enjoy talking with you, love your smile and wonderful energy.

Jude Comments: Glastonbury Starbucks a cruising zone. Who knew?

Meeting at Marshall's Suddenly Seems Like a Step Up

Southington Dollar Store - m4m (Southington)

Ironically, your name is kind of opposite where you work! I think you might be new there as I have not seen you there before. You are a cutie... would love to chat you up and find out more about you. If you have a clue who this might be you will know what I bought. To let me know it is you, let me know name and where you wear your name badge.

Jude Comments: Now we all want to know where he wears his name badge

Hey, That's My Vet


We were both at the vets office, you were picking up something you left behind for your dog, i was there with cat in blue plastic carry box. We chatted about our "kids" and how long weve each had ours. Would love to chat more.

Jude Comments: It'll never work out dude, he's a cat person.

Odd Couple

Hartford Wal Mart, March 16 - m4w - 40 (Flatbush Avenue)

Hot looking thin black girl in jeans and white high heel boots. You were with an older white guy with glasses, one dark lens and one clear lens around 1:00 PM. Would love to meet you. Please contact me. Thanks.

Jude Comments: The "one dark lens and one clear lens" thing is freaking me out.


Kerri said...

I always wondered about that guy I met in the gun line.

I love these! There's one in the Hartford Advocate that kind of makes me sad. It's for someone who met at Black-eyed Sally's and it's been running for at least a year.

Jude said...

I'm also kind of saddened by them. So often they seem almost deliberately obtuse, as if actually making a connection might be a little too scary.

"I'm the brown haired woman with glasses and a red coat who ordered the grande latte in the bishops corner Starbucks who saw you sitting by yourself in the window, reading Malcolm Gladwell. Loved your hello kitty hoodie" becomes "Saw you in Starbucks, liked your book"

Also, how do you sit next to someone on a long airplane ride, have a soul baring conversation that elicits a crush, and never figure out a way to get a name, a town, an employer, etc.

kerri said...

I've never done one of these, but if I were, this would be it:

"Ogled you at the Bloomfield Starbucks. I didn't say a word. You didn't either. You were dressed in a black suit with small red pinstripes and drove off in some kind of an SUV. I didn't see any wedding ring. You were polite to the barista. You had long, dark hair, a prominent nose, and my guess is that you were some legal type."

Jude said...

I'm thinking of turning my blog into one extended Missed Connections thing. Just all the day to day crushes I develop.

Kerri said...

Here's another one for you:

"you had a mass license plate and you were hot as hell. Sorry about your bumper, i think you have my number."

Hope the "missed connection" is cool with accident prone flakes, lol.

Kerri said...

Here's another one for you:

I'm not sure I understand it 100%.