March 09, 2009

Eight Weeks Later

Tonight was the final class of my first Intro Series. Ten students in the room; most of the class stuck it out until the end. And after seven weeks of working on individual parts - legs, hips, core, twists, shoulders, inversions, vinyasa - I took them through a more or less regular practice tonight. It was wonderful to see them moving through postures, catching the flow, letting go. So happy for them, and proud. As they moved into a well deserved savasana, it was rewarding and inspiring to watch them.

Probably not my last intro series. But there is something special about the first time one does anything, and this is no exception. I'm off to bed, happy and warm, feeling as if I've touched some lives, perhaps lit a fire or two.

This yoga thing has infected me, and I am more than happy to pass it along!

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